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Worker comrades

Present day formula of perfected communism is this; machines + electrification  + computerization + the dictatorship of the proletariat = communism

In other words, in the conditions we are in, the technological foundation to build communism in its perfect form is available, and communism is the only alternative to the current imperialist capitalist system.

However, we are celebrating a new May Day and yet again under the conditions of barbarism!

The reason for this is the betrayal of the world communist movement after Stalin. So long as these traitors with their left-wing, right-wing and middle-of the road varieties are not defeated barbarity will survive and get worse.

Either workers will establish their communism, or barbarism will continue to increase.

Either from the most backward to the most developed, all nations and countries will enter the path of communism and join their hands together, or the barbarism of imperialist capitalism will continue to increase.

The homeland of barbarism today is the USA, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Russia and China which are ready to do anything to comply with them.

So the fastest way to stop the existing barbarism is for the worker comrades to overthrow the ruling barbarians in these countries, and who are also the organizers of the world barbarism under the leadership of the USA, to assume power in these countries and help all the world’s nations and countries from the most advanced to the most backward.

Therefore, the worker comrades in all other countries should closely coordinate their work of overthrowing their barbarians and taking power in their own countries with the workers of these countries, with their struggle for power.

So the workers and communists of the above mentioned countries must be leaders and work as befits leaders. So the workers and communists of all countries have to join hands with their leaders and work together with them towards the common goal.

Our common goal is to destroy the world barbarism in the fastest way, that the world communism assumes power in the fastest way!

Today, the internationalism of workers, the unity of all nations and countries that will be organized under the leadership of the workers against barbarism and for communism, should be our basic slogan!

So let’s demolish all the leftist, right-wing and middle-of the road traitors of communism! Let us never, ever give them even the slightest compromise! Let us raise again the glorious banner of Stalin, Bolshevism, and the glorious banner of internationalism again. And let’s organize around it and march to victory!

Long live May Day!

Long live workers’ international unity day!

Long live May – the battle review of the revolution forces of the international proletariat!

Socialist Party of Cyprus

Direct Democracy (Communist) Party


Bu yazıyı paylaş



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